Rib Lath is a specially designed expanded metal lath which provides an excellent key for finishing materials on masonry walls, ceilings, suspended ceilings and stud wall partition. This lath has an integral stiffening ribs roll-formed during manufacturing. The mesh areas of the lath are expanded. The Rib lath is easy to handle and can be cut with hand shears and bent to the required angles.

Special lengths are available upon
Weight in kg/m2
Note: All dimensions are in mm.

Technical Specifications



 Coil Width 

 Coil Length 


Rib Depth 1.48 600 2500 Galvanized Steel
RBL 1.8 1.84 600 2500 Galvanized Steel
RBL 2.2 2.22 600 2500 Galvanized Steel
RBL 1.4 S 1.48 600 2500 Stainless Steel
RBL 1.8 S 1.84 600 2500 Stainless Steel